Long time ago!
Long time a go I felt something nice.
I felt I can start again.
Because I thaught there is nothing to be worried about.
There is so many things to be considered:
Till when?
When I think about 'when'... I remember my childhood when I never thought about when...this is why I hate grow up.
I want to enjoy life without thinking.
But I dont want to impose this to any one...
I am really tired...I think about these things and I wanted to share them with you.
Dear english teacher ... dont try so hard!
This is not a poem but maybe it will be a song one day!
Maybe I will creat something great with guitar,
That day I will name my song:
This is only because I was oly with you when I wrote this....
Forget about everything....
Let me tell you these also:
Flesh and blod is all I am. I can not be anything more than I am made of ... I am only a man.
This is a blog which I dont ftp it to the web!
Because I want to send it to you. I dont care what will happen when you read this.
But be sure I wrote everything in my mind and kno I feel much better.
Even I have many faults in my English!
Yours truly,

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