New Methods of Making Progress and Modification In Weblog- How to make team members active;)
This is Goldoon's firs defining essay about new methods of making modifications and to make team members active in the world of "Persian Weblogs". This can be because of deep happiness and being surprised of Goldoon because of the changes or because of comming back of KHESHTE KHAAM and maybe he thinks it is so HIGHCLASS if he would write this essay in English!! But he himself said he has no aim exept thanking to dear JOOJOO ,the great web graphist, and to thank GAV ,the best web designer in the world,when I asked "why you have written this essay?".
Now please read the following rules and learn how to make nice changes in your weblog if you have logmates in your weblog who know how to design:
1- Tell them you will do the changes by yourself if they do not act sufficienly.
2- Be sure that they wont believe it because they think you dont know HTML.
3- In this case because you really dont know HTML you have to learn HTML quickly ... It is very easy dont worry. Everybody can learn HTML even G.W.Bush.
4- Your changes are so bad and nobody likes the changes and this is not a surprising thing for you!!!
5- This is the golden time you can do the changes and this is the best moving factore to force them!

Be sure this will work properly. If not you have to learn more HTML!

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